The Aether series examines how we look to nature make sense of the departure from the known to the unknown. The palette is pulled from the subtle power at the end of a fire, glowing orange and ochre embers, deep grays and blues masking hazy heat, and the sense of energy settling back in to the earth. Similarly, withered leaves, twisting stems, dried flower heads, and seedpods reflect the beauty of exhalation and inevitable return to the earth.  The “x” in the titles denotes a variable that is lost or let go from one incarnation to the next.

Aether 1000x (triptych)       acrylic, vinyl, plastic, burned paper, ink & pen on panel       40 x 90 inches

Aether 2200x / Aether 2100x       mixed media on yupo paper       26 x 20 inches

Aether 1300x (diptych)     acrylic ink, vinyl paint, plastic & pen on panel     36 x 72 inches

Aether 1400x (diptych)       acrylic, vinyl, plastic & pen on panel      48 x 72 inches  _________________________________________

Aether 1100x       acrylic ink, vinyl paint, plastic, burned paper & pen on panel       40 x 30 inches 

Aether 2400x / Aether 2300x     mixed media on yupo paper     26 x 20 inches

Aether 1200x (diptych)     acrylic ink, vinyl paint, plastic & pen on panel     48 x 72 inches

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