Perenne 1300  /  mixed media on panel  /  48 x 48 inches


work on paper


Perenne Series

Some of the Perenne works were part of a series completed in residence at Tappan in Los Angeles.  Perenne is a nod to the word perennial and speaks to the instinct (human and otherwise) to endure or continually recur. The pieces are informed by the transitions and edges of the city, places where ridges and canyons meet boulevards and back alleys then eventually roll in to sand and sea.  The harmony and tension between the organic and manmade is pronounced as both humans and mother earth show their marks everywhere  — graffiti, cracked pavement, freeways, unbridled city tree roots and towering dry hills.  The daily sequences of urban life alternately coexist and clash with the larger patterns of the natural world. All the cycles - large and small - fade and begin again as rhythms progress in and out of consonance.

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